Wednesday, June 9, 2010

tickets were sold out within 1 hour in Japan for Lee Min Ho's fans metting session in November

This time he will be meeting his Japanese fans all by himself (without the company of F3 and Goo Hye Sun) for the first time in Japan.

Lee Min Ho will be holding his ‘Minoz Japan First Event’ in Japan in November. On the 25th this month, 2000 seats were sold out within 1 hour. This shows how popular Lee Min Ho is in Japan.

Lee Min Ho’s company said: “This fans meeting session is held to celebrate the establishment of the Lee Min Ho’s Japanese fans club which is a very meaningful event. Not only for Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and other Asian countries including South Korea fans were also asked to participate. We are still considering to hold 1 or 2 fans meeting sessions in Osaka.”

Starting from this fans meeting session, Lee Min Ho will officially be participate in the promotional activities all by himself. All along, Lee Min Ho has been taking part in the ‘Boys Before Flowers’ campaign with the rest of the actors.

With the establishment of Lee Min Ho’s Japanese fans club ‘Minoz Japan’ and his travel book ‘Travel with Minho’ listed in the Asian countries, Lee Min Ho started his Korean Wave promotional activities.

The theme of his travel book ‘Travel with Minho’ included places like Sydney, Australia and London, England. The travel book is already on sale in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.

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