Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lee Min Ho in Yomiuri Newspaper

Posted on Starnews, Reporter Shin Hee Eun, 2009-10-14

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‘Gu JunPyo’ LMH appeared on the Japanese big-three newspaper Yomiuri shimbun on October 13.

The newspaper reported on the interview mentioned about LMH’s two-year-older sister with the content “I am relying on her who is a kind of strong-backing brother.”

In the interview, LMH said “My sister is a person like my friend and my brother whom I rely on.”

He also said “When I was in bed after car accident and couldn’t make any activity for about a year, she was always encouraging me and bought me delicious foods.” and expressed his gratitude to her, adding “She is so straightforward and delicate that she is not my type, but she is the person who supports me in the nearest distance.”

According to this newspaper, LMH will visit Japan at the end of November to meet his fans.

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