Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Go Hye Sun's Tango Art exibition

Goo Hye Sun held a press conference in a gallery in InSaDong on 1st July for her ‘Tango’ exhibition.

Not only is she an artist, she is also a novelist and actress. And on the day, she had revealed that her role model is Leonardo Davinci.

Goo Hye Sun said, “Through my book ‘Tango’, I have expressed many thoughts of my own.”

When asked what was her dream from young, she said, “I wanted to be a singer, actress, artist etc. I had many dreams. I wanted to be a singer so I joined an entertainment company and then I became an actress. And I think there are always great opportunities tomorrow.”

guess who came to support

entitled "mother's dream"
entitled "parrot"
entitled "human"
entitled "imperfection of a witch"
entitles "fog"

And of course!a strong bond of friendship was formed on the set of BoF..And to show support,these 2 handsome guys ahowed up on GHS exhibition!!isnt that sweet?(surely…we understand why kimbum and KHJ were absent!)

at least this sight is giving me hope that this couple can be for reals!!dont you think?


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