Monday, June 14, 2010

script leaks

Does anyone remember seeing this scene above?
It’s such a nice shot, but I don’t think we got to see this, right? Or maybe I don’t remember… hm O_o

Anyways, the F4 Talkshow aired last night was better than I expected. Both of the MCs were doing such a great job, though it seems kinda ‘awkward’, considering that they put this together at the last minute. Lee Min Ho was pretty nervous and bashful, Hyun Joong is being quiet and reserved, Kim Bum too, he seems kinda quiet (being the youngest and all), and Kim Joon, he’s surprisingly talkative (maybe because he’s the oldest among the four, and he’s a good speaker with polite manner)

I really love the reenactment that they asked Lee Min Ho to do. Love to see his expression from being bashful, to immediately get into character. Though he screwed up a bit, but it was so cute. Can’t get myself to stop playing that part over and over.

“Boys Over Flowers” aired a special, in order to prevent script leaked?

KBS2 drama “Boys Over Flowers” are struggling to prevent their scripts being leaked to public. After having 30% high ratings in the previous episode, on March 3, they’ll come back with Episode 17. As we know, they didn’t air episode 17 last night and replaced the broadcasting with a special talk show with the F4 members, minus Gu Hye Sun.

There has been some news too that the production is getting worried about their script being leaked out. And in order to prevent that, they’re putting extra care in handling the script distribution by publishing it at the last minute to cast and screw from the scriptwriter dept.

As for last night’s talkshow, the ratings went down a bit to 21.8% according to TNS Media Korea, which allowed MBC “East of Eden” to take on the higher rating. We shall see how Episode 17 will do tonight in terms of getting back to that 2nd place “Boys Over Flowers” has always been. (“Temptation of a wife”, the daily drama is still being #1 on the daily ratings, but it’s not airing at the same time as BOF)

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