Sunday, June 13, 2010

Overnight star Lee Min Ho awash in CF offer

Lee Min-ho has been famous for all of five days, but already he’s fielding a swarm of endorsement offers.

Okay, so technically the guy isn’t a total newb — he’s had smallish roles over the past couple of years in dramas like I Am Sam and Run Mackerel and movies such as Public Enemy 1-1 and Our School E.T.

However, all his prior roles put together are nothing compared to two episodes of his latest as “Gu Jun-pyo” (aka the Korean Doumyouji Tsukasa) in the new KBS trendy drama Boys Before Flowers, which has virtually shot him to instant fame. (By the way, the general consensus of his Jun-pyo role is positive; no matter how high the drama’s profile, I doubt he’d be getting so many offers if people were disappointed in his portrayal.)

So now Lee Min-ho finds himself, within a few days of the drama premiere, flooded with offers to advertise formal apparel and casualwear brands, food products, mobile phones, telecommunications companies, and more. They’re all fighting to snag the newfound star on his way up, and capitalize on the drama’s visibility.

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