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LMH and GHS taiwan vogue interview july issh
The caption on the side reads: when both of leads who are as beautiful as flowers entered the room, it feels as if the room is lighted up with their warmth in answering the interview questions, it’s hard not to be charmed by them.

Q: GHS, your skin is really and beautiful, can you share with us your beauty secrets? How do you maintain your fair skin?

HS: eating well, sleeping well.

MH: besides those [referring to the above], she does not use other ways to maintain her beauty. (laughs)

HS: Eh~ and I try not to stay in the sun. So I prefer to go out in the night. But it also could be that I am sitting beside LMH, so I look fairer. (laughs)

Q: It seems like your relationship with each other is pretty good, can you tell us about what you think of each other?

MH: After 6 months of working together, where we face each other from day to night, we are now very good friends who are familiar with each other. And it actually feels like we have known each other for more than 6 months, in fact it feels more like we’ve been friends since children.

HS: LMH is a very easy-going and warm person. Even though we now know each other very well, in actual fact, I feel LMH is now no different from the time I first knew him. [she is actually praising MH for being very unpretentious & real.]

Q: In the drama, there are many scenes where GHS has to wear a swimsuit. Can you tell us more about that? Did you find that since the swimsuit’s cutting is more conservative, it actually hides your figure?

HS: Whenever there is filming for swimsuit scene, I’d try not to eat so much the day before so as to appear slimmer. But I would go on a eating rampage again after filming. (smiles) [interview note: LMH who had been staring out of the window started to smile when he heard this]. The selection of the conservative swimsuit was for Jandi’s image of a student who is also an atheletic swimmer so the more conservative, the suitable it is for the role! In fact, the more it hides, the better it is.

Q: Other than acting and modelling, LMH you have gone into singing and GHS, you have not only published your novel but you have ventured into directing your first film. Other than these achievements, are there any other talents you are proud of but have not been discovered for it yet?

MH: I have not thought of any specific area where I dictate myself to develop. I hope to try many things. But I would like to focus more on improving my acting.

GHS: In June, I’ll be having an art exhibition and in July, I’ll be releasing some piano compositions but I have not decided if I have the time to perform them myself.

Q: After these 2 days in Taiwan, have you tasted anything that left a deep impression or any food that is extremely good?

[Interview note: At this qns, GHS displays a Jandi-like reaction, with a dreamy, sweet smile. Wonder what exactly that is so tasty that she's thinking of?]

HS: Peking duck, hehehe

MH: Eh~ I also find that Peking duck has left a deep impression and shark’s fin, I find it very tasty too.

Q: For the both of you, how does BOF’s sudden popularity affect your personal or professional lives?

MH: Because I’m a newbie, I find that it is difficult to get used to be closely scrutinized by everyone. After 2 to 3 weeks, then i slowly got used to it. Because the drama was filmed and then aired at the same time, outdoor filming was disrupted. (this part he repeated the story of avoiding the fans by stopping & filming later)

HS: Maybe it’s because I have acted before, I have been easily recognized. But now after BOF, more people now recognize me. I am very appreciative of the support, care & concern that we received, which made us so popular. For that, we are deeply grateful to our supporters. In the past, I am not very conscious of being recognized in the streets, so I like to travel by the metro in simple disguise! Now I have to wear a big face mask. But I have to remove it while eating so I get recognized by the eatery owner who would give extra servings – this I am very happy about, haha.

Q: Talking about going out in disguise, how does LMH disguise your height since you are so tall that you would stand out in the crowd?

MH: I don’t go out in disguise since no matter how I do it, I still get recognized.

Q: There are many scenic scenes in the drama. Can the both of you recommend any sightseeing and eating spots that the audience should know about?

MH: Namsam Tower and Jeju are 2 of the places in the drama that are worth visitng. For food, visitors should of course try Korea’s kimchi and kimchi chigae!

HS: (I’m sorry, I don’t know the 2 places she’s referring to for visit, only that there’s a palace and korea’s 2nd largest somewhere which is a port. For food, she was about to answer when the interview note said that MH suddenly mischiveously interjected with a “Porridge!”, referring to HS’s role as a Jandi who works part-time in a porridge eatery. At this, those pressent at the interview laughed. HS who had been serious in giving the answer was also lulled into laughter.)

HS: As for food, I want to recommend XXX ==> again sorry I don’t know what this is (interview note: a kind of fermented yellow bean paste with a strong smell, which is similar to Taiwan’s smelly toufu)

Q: When it comes to food, we heard of GHS’s large appetite. Is this true?

HS: WHen I’m under pressure, then I’ll eat more! While filming, it is usually pressurizing so I’ll look for food. Everyone on the set can be heard saying: Eating again? Eating again? The longest record i have for eating is 8 hours continuous eating.

MH: initially when I did not know HS so well, I thought that a girl who can eat with so much gusto is really not bad ( i cant find a better word to describe..i think he meant likeable as she is so unself-conscious.) But when I knew her better, I realised that she is really eating too much so I can’t help but to tell her: stop eating already! stop eating!

Q: in the drama, Jandi threw up on Junpyo after drinking. How are your drinking capacity in real life?

MH: I can’t drink alot as I can’t hold my alcohol too well. But for GHS, she drinks more than she eats haha

[at this, GHS burst out laughing as well and hurries to explain]

HS: The thing I actually enjoy most is the friendly atmosphere/ambience when drinking. You can break the ice or close the gap with people you don’t know well or improve relationship with friends who are not so close. And after drinking, one can become unhibbited and liberated. Alcohol is my friend (said in chinese). Hahaha. it seems that the ambience is improved with some alcohol. I think my alcohol limit is really not too bad as I have played drinking games while karaoke with friends for 8 hours. I have never got drunk in exaggerated manner like in drama. But i have witnessed many around me who have become drunk. (laughs)

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