Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lee Min Ho’s Happy Day

On June 21, actor Lee Min Ho hosted two fan meeting sessions (1pm and 4:30pm) to thank his fans as well as celebrate his 22nd birthday.

Lee Min Ho’s first fan meeting, ‘Minoz Happy Day Mini Concert’, attracted 4000 females from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan to Children’s Grand Park Dome. (Minoz is the name of his fan club.)

This was his first public appearance since receiving surgery at the beginning of the month to take out the metal rod in his leg, which was put in following a car accident in 2006. Although the metal rod didn’t present many problems in his daily life, it would have prevented him from taking on roles with action scenes; hence, he decided to get it removed. Lee recovered from the surgery more quickly than expected and was released from the hospital within a week.

For his fans, Lee Min Ho sang “My Everything”, his track off of the F4 Special Edition album. He passed out some plums and led some other activities with the audience as well.

Minoz prepared a pile of gifts for their star, which included blankets, a hand-drawn portrait, and a frame full of his photos.

The fan meeting brought out several of Lee Min Ho’s former colleagues. The event’s MC was Kim Ki Bang, who played the owner of Bom Porridge Shop on Boys Over Flowers. Fellow members of F4 – Kim Beom, Kim Hyun Joong, and Kim Joon – were included in the program. Kim Beom could not attend due to his busy schedule, but sent along a video message wishing Lee Min Ho a happy birthday and asking the fan attendees to support Lee for a long time. Kim Hyun Joong appeared without an introduction to sing “Please Be Good to Me (제발 잘해줘)” from SS501′s recently released solo collection album. He also did some promotion for the group, asking that those who are interested to attend their concert to be held on August 1 and 2. Kim Joon and his group, T-MAX, sang two songs – “Paradise” from the Boys Over Flowers soundtrack and “Emptying (비워내기) from F4 Special Edition. Our School E.T. (울학교 이티) colleagues, Park Bo Young and Kim Su Ro, also came to wish Lee Min Ho well.

In addition, singer K.will – who has been helping Lee Min Ho in vocal training – made an appearance. Out of consideration for his international fans who aren’t familiar with the Korean language, there was a performance by cast members of Nanta, the longest running non-verbal show in Korea. Lee also introduced his fans to a very special guest – his mother.

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