Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lee Min Ho's Blog Massage

It says:
Nice to meet you, I’m lee min ho. I’m glad to meet you all through my blog.
Today, we had our filming at the place Jandi works at. However, there were too many fans gathered around that we had to stop filming.
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, i will be busy filming, and due to the tight schedule, i have not yet been able to feel how much popular this drama is getting. I have heard from people around me how much attention this drama is getting though…
Today for the first time, after seeing how many fans came to our filming site, i came to realize the popularity of this drama. I am glad to see that there are many fans out there. I realized that from now on, i need to put even more effort into my acting. and furthermore, during my break, a fan girl asked me to give her my autograph. if i knew this was going to happen, i should have thought of a cooler autograph.(maybe, i need to find some time to practice my autograph)
filming will continue on for a long time, so please give us more attention.

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