Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lee Min Ho to undergro surgery


Lee Minho, of current “Boys Over Flowers” fame, is to undergo surgery in May after production of the drama wraps up. His surgical procedure is to remove the rod that’s been placed in his right leg as a result of the car accident he was in in 2006. A representative has stated that the rod doesn’t affect his everyday life, but the surgery is something that Lee Minho and his parents have decided to take on.

The decision to have the operation in May has much to do with the “Boys Over Flowers” schedule. The drama is set to finish broadcasting by late March, and in April, the cast is going to promote heavily in Japan, where the drama is set to broadcast next.

In addition, Lee Minho’s representative has said that after undergoing surgery, Lee Minho has tentatively set aside a period to recover. However, this all depends on what he has lined up after “Boys Over Flowers” — if the next project he signs on to partake in is of particular importance, his post-op schedule may have to accommodate that of the project. At the moment, Lee Minho has been given at least 10 offers for roles.

(They should just give the guy a nice, long break, surgery or no surgery. The fact that they’re even thinking about possibly not giving the guy a break post-op is insane.)

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