Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lee Min Ho is stressed

The life of an in-demand celebrity (and Lee Min Ho is arguably one of the hottest commodities in the K-pop scene) must be really tough, rushing from filming your #1 drama with a demanding schedule and a semi-curse causing cast members to get into accidents, to a photo shoot for a clothes brand, to a photo shoot for other advertisements, to filming a CF...(man, I was amazed at how many links I could put into this sentence. Proves how popular he is right now!)

All the pressure must be getting to our Goo Jun Pyo, because pictures of the star smoking during a break in a photo shoot have surfaced on the Internet. Netizen reactions are the usual (from "My Lee Min Ho looks hot no matter what he does" to the "How dare he, he's portraying a high school student and he shouldn't be photographed smoking", etc.) He must be really stressed, but smoking isn't the way to go! It's going to ruin your lungs and do about ten billion other bad things to your body. Maybe some of you die-hard Lee Min Ho fans can send him a "How to Quit Smoking" packet.

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