Thursday, June 10, 2010


Lee Minho's huge popularity in Thailand is undeniable especially after Boys Over Flowers and him flying over to Bangkok to film a commercial in April. But there will be some who would try to cash in on his popularity through illegal means and that's exactly what happened to Lee Minho recently.

It was revealed on a Thai website that a Lee Minho fanmeeting in Bangkok, will be taking place on 24th October, at a venue which would house 2,000 fans. It caused confusion among fans when ticket prices were jacked up from the original price of 200,000 KRW to 800,000 KRW (640 USD), with accomodation and food provided. The website also indicated that Lee Minho would be singing 2 songs, playing games with 2 - 3 lucky fans and a showing of Lee Minho's past movies/dramas.

credits: allkpop

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