Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lee Min Ho and Song Hye Kyo are dating?

i’m sure that you guys caught your attention with the title about this gorgeous and smexy Lee Min Ho, the leader of Korea’s F4 from the successful Korean series, Boys Over Flowers and pretty and adorable Korean actress and model, Song Hye Kyo.

Just to clear you guys about this post, these people were not really dating. Its just Lee Min Ho revealed on SBS ‘TV Entertainment’ yesterday (June 24, 2009) that his ideal type of woman is Song Hye Gyo. For me, they look match together if that will happen although Lee Min Ho is younger than him. Anyways, does age really matters? Nah.

His ideal type is whose skin is as white as flourescent light, petite build and is elegant and pure. Which really describes the personality of Song Hye Gyo. :D

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